Strange goings on in Taunton - according to the letter of Rachel Taylor to her cousin Etta in Australia (cousins of the Shrapnels):

‘The worst time they had was a little before Christmas. For three days and nights the hammering and rapping was incessant - there were four policemen in the house at the time to discover if anyone was playing tricks, but they could make nothing of it. Locked doors were always being opened. You might open the door of the room where the noise was coming from but there was nothing there. The family left, as they were ill with fright and has never slept in the house since. The house was locked up, every door and window being fastened but passers by kept hearing wonderfully sweet heavenly music which went on and on.'

The above has been described in several places as the 'Shrapnel Ghost' but to date I have not been able to discover why. The name of the house was probably 'The Mount' at Taunton and the date was around 1871.