Thanks to another local history researcher in the family we have had great luck in finding a link in Norton St Philip. This was where we discovered that:


In documents from the Steward's accounts of Norton St Philip it would seem that in the early 1600s WILLIAM SHRAPNALL and his wife JOANE had a shop, shed and two lodging chambers in the village.


It is almost certain that we have identified those buildings. The village of Norton St Philip is very old and unspoiled, most buildings in the main village being original many dating from the 1500s. This is certain in the case of the pub "The George" in the heart of the village, next to which is a passageway between it and further buildings on the right which are also original. In the 1638 Book of Survey of the Manor of Norton St Philip it says:


John Butcher paies 8s and William Sharpnell hath take part of the house by coppye and paies for the same 2s per annum


Two years later we read of 'the death of one SHARPNELL (William) who made away with ‘himselfe'. In later records the copyholder is shown to be HENRY SHRAPNELL (his son).


From the other records it is clear that the building to the right of the passageway next to "The George" is that which was occupied at least in part by WILLIAM and his family. There is no access to the building from the passageway which is long and with a high stone wall.

Beyond the passageway is a gateway into a field across which is a public footpath down the slopes to the old St Philip and St James Church.


So here we have another family group which has a probable link with Bradford-on-Avon and may also be part of the Wellow/Idmiston descent.