The BRISTOL Grocers



This is one of a number of adverts that appeared in and around the Bristol area from the 1840s to the end of the century. Richard Hieron Shrapnell (the 2nd) and his brother Samuel Reddish Shrapnell ran a long established business of grocers, tea merchants, etc from several addresses in the centre of Bristol. This particular entry was dated 1865 from Webster’s Directory of Bristol.


RICHARD HIERON Shrapnell (2nd) and SAMUEL REDDISH Shrapnell were brothers of GEORGE JONES Shrapnell and ELIJAH JONES Shrapnell. GEORGE and ELIJAH emigrated to America where they produced large families, still extant. Their parents were WILLIAM FISHER Shrapnell (the 3rd) and his first wife SUSANNA – both of these lived in the Hilperton area of Trowbridge in Wiltshire. WILLIAM was from a long line of Trowbridge ‘worthies’ including RICHARD Shrapnell, clothier and Town Benefactor (1655-1730).


There had long been an association between this branch of the family with Bristol; JAMES Shrapnell was a freeholder there in the 1700s. His father, another JAMES and grandfather RICHARD (above) were Trowbridge clothiers who plied their trade between Trowbridge, Bristol and London.


The grocer, tea and coffee dealing businesses appear in many of the Bristol commercial directories from the 1840s to the end of the century. The business passed down through the family to RICHARD HIERON (the 3rd, needless to say son of the 2nd and one of 6 children. The final address was Gloucester Road in Bristol in 1901. The last RICHARD died there in 1908 but his second wife survived him until 1922.


To my knowledge there was no male issue of the last RICHARD – the daughter MABEL married ALFRED JAMES MOTT, a widower, at Bristol in 1894. He was a pork butcher and bacon curer, as was his father HENRY MOTT before him. Their business was first at Elton Street then at 212 Hotwells Road in Bristol; this latter road runs adjacent to the River Avon where the S.S. Great Britain is currently berthed.

The MOTT family is extant, existing through the female line.