The U.K. branches are somewhat complex in their nature, several of them being main branches in their own right from which the overseas families have split.

The main branch from 1580 produced the great SCROPE tree which is headed by ZACHARIAH and LYDIA from their 1753 marriage at Colerne in Wiltshire. This then split itself into three distinct branches through the issue of three of The General's sons (Henry - 1760 to 1842).


The first of these, Henry Squires Shrapnel (1810-1865), from the second of his four marriages produced a straightforward four generation tree to the present time in the U.K. with spur trees in USA and Australia.


The next son, Henry Needham Scrope Shrapnel (1812-1896), produced an extremely complex tree through his sixteen children. Leaving the UK for Canada (see below) Henry left behind two of his sons, Arthur Needham Scrope Shrapnel (1843-1876) and Francis Scrope Shrapnel (1858- ?). Arthur married Clara Georgina Onion in 1868 of which union there were 7 children. After Arthur died Clara remarried and from the two marriages there are over 20 descendants alive in the UK today.


The third son of The General was Zachariah Scrope Shrapnel who also died at an early age in 1859 on the Isle of Wight. Zachariah was a quiet scholarly man who studied at Cambridge University. He was most apprehensive about his ability to pass his examinations, not being worried about mathematics and the like but the classical which was essential for a potential man of the cloth. He had seven children through his two wives, having re-married after his first wife died. Descendants of these marriages are the Hadfield and Tardent Shrapnels most of whom are in Australia (see below).


Other than the SCROPE trees in UK there are three major branches. The first of these is an offshoot from the Scrope Tree in 1742 which I call the JOSEPH tree. This is because there were 6 Josephs in succession and is now the most spread out across the UK, with none remaining in Trowbridge, the family seat.


Next we have the JAMES tree, headed by JAMES SHRAPNELL, a Waterloo veteran. His service together with the succeeding generations amounts to over a hundred years of continuous service. One family of descendants of JAMES is now in New Zealand, the remainder being in several smaller U.K. groups. As a side issue I have been researching the SHRUBBS and DAVIS families who integrate with the JAMES tree. The SHRUBBS tree I have been able to take back possibly to the 17th century but need a few more confirmations.


The remaining charted tree is that of the LAMBETH branch. The roots of this one are complicated in about 1750 by knowing which of several JOHN SHRAPNELLs to link onto. A stroke of researcher's luck several years ago found a 19th Century tailor's apprentice in Bath, Somerset who apparently went to London to seek his fortune. Charles Shrapnell became a master tailor in Kennington, London. Some of his descendants are now in Coventry, the others remain in London.