Thanks to the help of several of our Australian cousins we have been able to almost completely re-chart the roots of the Tardent (otherwise Queensland) Shrapnels whose existence came as a result of a Victorian marriage breakup in the 1860's on the Isle of Wight. Most of the Island family had emigrated to Australia by 1871 forming two distinct but separate groups, these I have named the Hadfield Shrapnels and the Tardent Shrapnels. The former survives only through the female line whereas the Tardents now number in the 30s. Both of these groups are of the Scrope line and date back to the 1580s in the Trowbridge area of Wiltshire (see U.K. below).


The LASBURY Shrapnels are 20th century pioneers whose lineage goes back to Bradford-on-Avon and the great 18th century wool industry. Their forebears moved to Liverpool around the 1840's becoming successful merchants. With several colourful characters in the lineage today's members are in Australia, also in two groups. The Lasbury line also dates back to the 1580's at Trowbridge but there has been no link since then between them and the Tardent/Hadfields now of Australia. This has often been a source of confusion to other students of the family ancestry who have wrongly assumed that they and the Scropes are directly linked.


Wellington, New Zealand is the home of a small but significant family group of Shrapnells who migrated from the UK JAMES tree. Their ancestry has been steeped in military service.